Understanding Tooth Infections and the Need for Root Canals

Understanding Tooth Infections and the Need for Root Canals from Hybrid Dental in Las Vegas, NVTooth infections are something that no one wants, but the only way to deal with them properly is with root canals. Most people hear the term root canal, and they start to cringe. This is because we have been led to believe root canals are one of the worst procedures to have done at the dentist. Truthfully though, a root canal is very important when it comes to treating and saving a tooth with an infection. Dentists would prefer not to have to extract a tooth that they can save, and that is why they will choose to perform a root canal on most patients first.

The good news is, thanks to modern technology, you do not have to be scared of getting a root canal. The entire procedure is relatively painless and heals within a matter of days. The important thing is to get to your dentist quickly enough to be able to save your infected tooth. Here are a few things you should know about tooth infection and how the root canal can help.

Infections come from bacteria

You do not have to be sick to end up with an infection in a tooth; you just have to have enough bacteria built up around the tooth for the infection to start. Teeth can become infected in a lot of ways, but once they get infected, that infection starts to spread and becomes more dangerous. If, for instance, an infection starts at the site of a cavity, that infection can start to spread down the tooth and into the root system. From there, it can infect all of the roots and compromise the tooth.

This is why root canals are so important. Once a tooth's root system has become infected, it is not long before the tooth loses the strength to stay in place. If this continues without treatment, the tooth will eventually fall out.

A root canal stops the infection from spreading to other teeth

The biggest risk of having an infected tooth is not only that the tooth may fall out but that the infection will spread to adjacent teeth, eventually to the jaw, and possibly to the rest of the body. If that happens, it can become a very serious health risk and becomes even more difficult to treat.

By treating an infected tooth with a root canal, dentists are able to remove the infected portion of the roots, preserve the tooth and seal the roots from further damage or infection. If done in a timely fashion, there is less risk of the infection spreading and a great chance of a fast recovery. Root canals are fairly quick and, thanks to local anesthesia, nearly completely painless, making them the preferred option to treat an infected tooth.

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Tooth infections are serious business. The longer they go without being treated, the more dangerous they are and more likely to spread. Root canals are the most effective way to save an infected tooth and prevent further infection.

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