Kid Friendly Dentist Las Vegas, NV

Kid-friendly dentists work with children to keep their teeth healthy and help them develop good oral health habits for life. These dentists join forces with parents, caregivers, the children themselves, and other healthcare professionals to ensure that kids brush their teeth properly, get enough fluoride, and follow a healthy diet. A kid-friendly dentist generally works with children of all ages and helps care for their primary teeth, also called baby teeth.

Regular dental care helps ensure children understand and can follow proper oral hygiene practices. Kid-friendly dentists take special steps with their young patients. For example, they can tell stories or jokes to distract children from dental procedures. They often give frequent compliments and describe equipment and procedures in simple terms.

A kid-friendly dentist is available at Hybrid Dental in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Our office works to keep children's teeth healthy and prevent issues such as decay and tooth misalignment. Call us today at (702) 628-5807 if you have a child who needs a dentist.

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    Kid friendly dentist infographic: Children often require a gentler touch that kid friendly dentists can provide.
    Kid friendly dentist infographic: Kid friendly dentists can provide general services as well as lifestyle interventions.
    Kid friendly dentist infographic: A kid friendly dentist can treat children of any age.
    Kid friendly dentist infographic: A kid friendly dentist knows how to assuage a child's fears in the dentist's chair.
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