Extractions in Las Vegas, NV

Extractions in Las Vegas, NV

An extraction is the complete removal of a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. The tooth may also need to be extracted if it is causing inflammation or infection, if it cannot be saved with a root canal treatment or if the surrounding teeth are decaying or broken. At Hybrid Dental, extracting it may also be necessary if the tooth has been broken or damaged in a way that cannot be repaired with dental crowns or filling material.

Why Might I Need an Extraction?

Sometimes, a tooth has suffered so much decay that it cannot be repaired. Other times, the tooth may be impacted or obstructed by a large filling, which needs to be extracted. If the tooth cannot be saved with a crown, bridge, or other restoration procedure, your dentist may recommend removing it. This is typically done to prevent infection, pain, or damage to the surrounding teeth. It can also make it easier to clean your teeth and prevent possible complications like misalignment.

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An extraction may also be recommended if your tooth is severely damaged or broken and cannot be fixed with restorations like a porcelain crown or a dental veneer. You will want to consult your cosmetic dentist to determine the best action for your specific condition. Most patients find dental sedation to be helpful during any tooth extraction procedure. This enables the dentist to work more quickly and efficiently while the patient relaxes. Dental sedation is safe and not associated with the same risks as general anesthesia.

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What Happens During a Tooth Extraction?

To begin, the dentist will administer anesthesia that numbs the area entirely and relieves any pain you might feel during the procedure. Then, your dentist will carefully remove the tooth from the socket by rocking it back and forth to loosen it. In some cases, if your tooth is impacted, meaning it is stuck below the surface of the gum line, this may require an incision in the gums to access the tooth so it can be removed in one piece. Once a tooth has been removed, you may need stitches to help stop the bleeding. Follow all aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery and reduce your risk for complications. Finally, you will need to make some changes to your diet to ensure the extraction site heals properly. For example, you’ll need to avoid eating hard foods that might dislodge the clot that forms during healing.

If an extraction is necessary, you should work with our dentist to determine the best action plan for restoring your teeth and creating a healthy mouth. For the best dental care tailored to your particular needs, visit Hybrid Dental at 7730 W Cheyenne Ave Ste 108, Las Vegas 89129, or call (702) 658-8008.


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